Creating jobs in Egypt

More jobs for young people in Egypt

Waffia Mahmoud beams. "Finally I found a job and am no longer a financial burden to my family," she says. Mahmoud, a 25-year-old woman from Egypt, has found a permanent job in a food company in Cairo after being unemployed for a year.

Work as a route to inclusion

Even though unemployment is high, many companies in Egypt find it difficult to fill vacancies because the jobs on offer are often unacceptable for job seekers: in many cases, wages are low; there are no formal work contracts and no social security benefits. This is hampering Egypt's economic development.

In order to improve the outlook for young people, Germany has been supporting Egypt in expanding careers advice and job placement services for job seekers and improving the quality of existing jobs. The BMZ's Labour Market Access Programme is part of its special initiative for stability and development in the MENA region.

Advisory services for businesses

Under this programme, small and medium-sized enterprises are being advised on how they can improve their job offers. Another activity under the programme is the establishment of employment centres that offer courses to prepare participants for their jobs.

Waffia Mahmoud took part in one of these courses and received assistance in choosing a career, applying for a job and preparing for the job. Now she is optimistic about her future. "I like my job. And thanks to my job, I have my own bank account for the first time – this will help me save money for the future."

Aims and results of the project

By December 2017

at least 8,000 young people, a quarter of them women, will have received job training

and at least 5,000 young people, one fifth of them women, will have been helped to find permanent employment in the formal sector.

Furthermore, the situation of 6,000 employees will have improved – for example, thanks to improved social benefits, better health and safety standards and new advancement opportunities.

Since January 2015

643 young people have attended preparatory job courses and

815 job seekers have been helped to find work.