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Johannes Danz
  • Name: Johannes Danz
  • Position: Program Manager
  • Telephone: +49 511-643-3348
  • E-Mail:

Johannes Danz is BGR’s manager of the Extractives and Development program. He coordinates an interdisciplinary team that works with him towards the realization of the Agenda 2030. Within that his thematic focus lies primarily on economic development, commodity value chains and human rights. Cooperating with the private sector is of particular concern to him because a sustainable extractive sector cannot develop without private initiative. 

Jakob Eckert
  • Name: Jakob Eckert
  • Position: Researcher
  • Telephone: +49 511-643-2509
  • E-Mail:

Jakob Eckert works in the policy advice component of the sector program. His job is to enable government officials and holders of political office to make informed decisions. This involves the permanent monitoring and analysis of trends regarding international natural resource policies and economics.

Fabian Stähr

Fabian Stähr has been working at the BGR since the end of 2015. He is responsible for the implementation of innovative pilot schemes in the artisanal and small-scale mining sector, particularly gold and its associated supply chain management. In cooperation with Klaus Steinmüller, Fabian also supports capacity building measures directed at geological surveys in developing countries in terms of commodity-economic evaluation of deposits.


Nils works on new concepts and pilot measures related to Energy Resources and Climate. Among these are the reduction of gas flaring and the usage of natural gas as a bridging technology. Moreover, he coordinates and designs small-scale measures including capacity development in the Somalian government authorities supervising the national petroleum sector. 


Kristian Lempa
  • Name: Kristian Lempa
  • Position: Program Manager
  • Telephone: +49 228 4460-3868
  • E-Mail:

Kristian is the manager of the Extractives and Development sector programme at GIZ. He ensures that processes and organisation in his team run smoothly, and safeguards the professional and technical quality of the results. His task is to assist BMZ in advancing the development of German development cooperation approaches in the extractive sector against the background of new requirements under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. To achieve this, his team supports BMZ’s most important processes and initiatives (EITI and CONNEX, for example) and works with the sectoral division to develop new solutions for sustainable development in resource-dependent partner countries. Previously Kristian headed a regional project on resource governance in West Africa, was a GIZ planning officer for resource governance and was the EITI advisor to the planning minister in DR Congo.

Dr. Leopold von Carlowitz

Leopold mainly deals with the topics, conflict minerals, resource conflicts and human rights in mining. He focuses on supply chain transparency and sustainability standards in the metals sector and promotes respective multi-stakeholder collaboration. Up to the end of 2015 he worked on the GIZ land reform project in Namibia, having previously held posts at the Center for International Peace Operations, the United Nations and in peace and conflict research.

Tuba Cirak
  • Name: Tuba Cirak
  • Position: Administrative officer, office management
  • Telephone: +49 228 4460-3359
  • E-Mail:

Tuba deals with office administration. Her job is to support the team in commercial, administrative and financial matters. Among other things this includes drawing up and managing contracts, but also financial management. In addition, she is the contact person for organisational issues and deals with office management within the team.

Baran Igret
  • Name: Baran Igret
  • Position: Administrative officer
  • Telephone: +49 228 4460-3570
  • E-Mail:

Baran attends to cash monitoring and budget monitoring, and handles financing agreements and appraiser and consultant contracts. She also advises the team on commercial processes.

Janne Kaiser Tedesco
  • Name: Janne Kaiser Tedesco
  • Position: Advisor
  • Telephone: +49 228 4460-3860
  • E-Mail:

Janne joined the team at the beginning of 2016 after working four years in the extractive sector in West Africa. The main areas of her work are local content, cooperation with the private sector and tax compliance. She is also the contact person for the cross-cutting theme of gender in the extractive sector.

Anna Kravtšenko

Anna provides policy advice and works mainly on the topic of good financial governance in the extractive sector. She deals with current challenges in public revenue generation from the extractive sector such as illicit financial flows, transfer pricing and tax compliance. Building on this, she advises the BMZ regarding their sector-specific positioning and representation on international EITI bodies. Anna is a political scientist specialising in Eastern Europe and Russia, and previously worked for GIZ in Central Asia.

Tim Schlösser

Tim is the team member responsible for human capacity development (HCD). His job is to coordinate capacity development measures such as training courses, study visits etc. in the sector programme’s various thematic areas and to mainstream them strategically. He also advises on EITI and the nexus between extractive resources and the environment/climate.

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