Minister Müller on Donor Conference: "Afghanistan will continue to need support even after international troops have gone"

Trainee mechanics at the Kabul Mechanical Institute in Afghanistan

Press release of 25.11.2020 |

GENEVA/BERLIN – At the virtual donor conference for Afghanistan, the German government pledged to provide new funds in order to continue its development and humanitarian support for Afghanistan. 

German Development Minister Gerd Müller commented: "Germany, as Afghanistan's second-biggest bilateral donor, sees itself as having a special responsibility. That is why we are sending a signal for the future – also with an eye toward the current peace talks. We want to make clear that we shall remain a partner at Afghanistan's side – for the country will continue to require outside help even after the agreed withdrawal of international troops. The German government has therefore promised to provide up to 430 million euros in support for 2021. 250 million euros of that amount will come out of the Development Ministry's budget.

However, our support for Afghanistan does not come without conditions. For instance, the current Afghan government, and any future one, must respect fundamental human rights and the rule of law; furthermore, it must combat corruption and press ahead with reforms. Germany stands ready to continue to support democracy and the rule of law, to bolster the rights of women and girls, and to improve access to education.

Over the last two decades, our two countries' joint programmes have produced positive progress. For example, since 2002 life expectancy in Afghanistan has increased by twenty years. Per capita income has increased fourfold. And the number of children attending school has risen ninefold. With Germany's help, it has been possible to supply over one million people with electricity. And together with our Afghan partners, we helped to set up an effective vocational education system: Since its inception in 2015, the system has provided vocational training to some 285,000 people. It is activities like these that we want to take to the next level of success."

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