Sudan Partnership Conference

Minister Müller: Germany commits 150 million euros for cooperation with Sudan’s reform-oriented government

Federal Minister Gerd Müller visiting a vocational training centre in Khartoum in February 2020

Press release of 25.06.2020 |

BERLIN / BRUSSELS – Today, on Thursday 25 June, the Sudan Partnership Conference is taking place, aimed at continuing support for the reforms the transitional government is pursuing. The virtual conference is being co-hosted by Germany, the United Nations, the EU and Sudan. Along with German Development Minister Müller, German Foreign Minister Maas and UN Secretary-General Guterres, World Bank President Malpass, IMF Managing Director Georgieva and Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed are expected to attend.

Development Minister Gerd Müller commented, "Sudan is a key country in Africa, one of the continent's largest countries; it is critical, not least for the fragile Sahel region. After 30 years of dictatorship, the economy is in a desperate state. The COViD-19 crisis has hit the country particularly hard. Half of the Sudanese people live below the poverty line. Yet Sudan has embarked on a path that offers hope. The civilian transitional government is making huge efforts for peace, democracy and reforms.

That is why we have resumed our development cooperation with Sudan. We are supporting the country as it transforms its economy and society, moving from autocratic to democratic structures. Germany is making 150 million euros available to Sudan this year. 118 million euros of this are from the development budget. Our priority areas are: Water, food security, training and support for refugees and poor families during the crisis, for instance in the Darfur region. The Federal Foreign Office is providing an additional 32 million euros for humanitarian assistance and stabilisation.

It is key now to strengthen the economy and in particular agriculture and to assist the most vulnerable people in the country. Because the country has potential. It could become Africa's breadbasket. It has farmland the size of France. We are concentrating on fostering agricultural innovation and programmes addressing food security and poverty. Sudan is very much affected by climate change. Should people lose their livelihoods, the issue of displacement will become even more of a challenge for us.

I hope that the conference will also bring progress on the long-term question of debt cancellation. The international community needs to continue to integrate Sudan – including via the IMF's reform programme and through access to World Bank loans.

In return, I expect the government to remain fully committed to its path of reforms and also to freedom of religion and full gender equality. Because young women played a central role in getting the transformation under way."

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