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German government steps up international commitment to support action on climate change

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Press release of 03.10.2019 |

BERLIN – Germany is stepping up its international activities to strengthen climate action. In the supplementary budget for 2020 German Finance Minister Scholz is increasing the funding for climate action programmes of the Development Ministry by 500 million euros and of the Environment Ministry by 100 million euros. Germany is thus honouring its commitment to double its funding for climate action in developing countries and emerging economies.

"I am happy that we are expanding our commitment to support action on climate change – the Finance Minister is sending a clear signal that we are strengthening the global dimension of climate action," said Development Minister Gerd Müller. "We will use this climate package to do more to protect rain forests, expand renewable energies in Africa and support adaptation measures aimed at strengthening agriculture in drought regions. And we will invest in a global transformation of energy systems. One thousand coal-fired power stations are under construction or being planned in developing and emerging countries around the world. This will have a major impact on whether we end up with 2 or 4 degrees of global warming. Africa must not become the black continent of coal; it must become the continent of green energy. We have the technologies here in Germany and Europe to implement climate-neutral solutions in partnership with African countries. We are establishing a German-African technology platform to further this knowledge transfer."

With these additional measures Germany will be doubling its international climate financing, bringing it up to 4 billion euros. The measures will be primarily implemented by the Development Ministry in developing countries and emerging economies that are most affected by climate change.

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