How do evaluators arrive at their assessments? They can apply any of the re­cog­nised evaluation methods such as empirical social re­search, organisational assess­ment or calculating cost-effectiveness. There is an emerging agreement in the evaluation community that a mixture of quantitative and qualitative analysis produces the best results. Care is taken to ensure that data and sources of in­formation are al­ways cross-checked and the principle of multiple scrutiny is applied.

Working papers on methodology

The Evaluation Working Papers that are published at irregular inter­vals include discussions about the methods and approaches adopted in individual evaluations and about overarching aspects of metho­do­logy. The BMZ publishes these work­ing papers in order to make it easier for those interested to find out about the ongoing inter­natio­nal dis­cussion in this field and to read about practical examples from German development cooperation. This information does not imply a recommendation by the BMZ that specific methods should be used – the "right" method is always the one that is appropriate for the questions being considered. The Evaluation Working Papers are published either in German or in English.

The BMZ Evaluation Working Papers:

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