Purpose and approaches

The evaluations undertaken by the evaluation unit serve the purpose of accountability and learning lessons. They provide critical and in­de­pendent assessments of German development cooperation, of what works and what does not work and why, and what difference our work makes for our partner countries - with a view to informing the German Parliament and an interested public and providing the BMZ with feedback for informed policymaking.

The BMZ evaluation unit therefore focuses on policy issues, conduct­ing sector, programme, thematic and instrument eva­lua­tions. These serve at the same time as a cross-check of individual project eva­lua­tions conducted by the BMZ’s implementing agencies. The BMZ eva­luation division is increasingly undertaking joint evaluations with other donors and developing country partners, sharing management tasks and financing, which also helps to cut transaction costs.

Project performance assessments and evaluations are carried out by the implementing organisations, which have set up their own evaluation units, which are independent of operational decisions, to conduct ex post, summative and mid-term evaluations according to guidelines provided by the Ministry.

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