Multilateral cooperation

International Players in Development Cooperation

Logo of the United Nations.Germany is a member of many international organisations. The Federal Republic of Germany not only supports these or­gani­sa­tions financially but is also actively involved in elaborating their strategies, designing their programmes, and realising their goals. Germany is in the supervisory and decision-making bodies of financing institutions such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and a number of regional banks. It is involved in the United Nations and its specialised agencies, funds and programmes. International NGOs, too, are supported by the Federal Republic of Germany.

Consultation and coordination within the individual organisations is a demanding task. The divergent interests of industrialised and developing countries must be reconciled. The members of the organisations must agree on guidelines governing their work and the use of funds. All organisations have internal control mechanisms in order to verify the use of funds, and to review the efficiency and sustainability of their measures. The Federal Republic of Germany has permanent representatives with all major international organisations, which act as intermediaries between German and international policies.

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