Fairness in global trade

Processing raw cotton in a textile enterprise in Pakistan

Background: The world trade system

In the 20th century, technological progress in communication and production lifted the borders between countries, and the interconnectedness of the world has been steadily increasing ever since. Whether it is research, accounting, marketing, sales or production - almost every place in the world is now considered as a production site or sales market. In view of the growing economic integration, however, it has also become clear that international rules are needed in order to make world trade free and fair, because for most developing countries, the liberalisation of world trade has not yet brought about the improvements hoped for. more

EU trade policy

Trade can be a key driver of development. Many developing countries are increasingly integrated into global supply chains. And, for many trading partners, the European Union is a significant export market. If trading with these countries is to actually help them achieve sustainable development, it is vital that EU trade agreements incorporate social, environmental and human rights standards and that they take account of the current level of development of the trading partner concerned. A development-friendly EU trade policy is therefore a valuable tool in making world trade more just and more sustainable. more

German activities: From free trade to fair trade

One aim of German development policy is to contribute to establishing a stable and socially responsible world economic order. An open and fair trading system, which is based on clear rules and enables developing countries to integrate in global value chains, is a key element of the global partnership envisaged by Germany. To achieve this goal, some important institutions and agreements that regulate the world economy need to be developed further. At international conferences and in negotiations, the German government speaks out in favour of giving more weight to the interests of developing countries and emerging economies so that their products have a chance to compete on the global market. more

Further information on world trade

The following list contains a selection of documents and websites with further information on world trade. more

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