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The German Investment and Development Company (DEG) provides German and international private businesses as well as businesses in partner countries with long-term capital for investments. DEG is prepared to make a long-term commitment and take on greater project- and country-related risks.

It provides support on condition that projects invested in contribute to sustainable economic growth and a long-term improvement in the living conditions of people in the respective country; they must also make a profit and be sustainable in terms of their social and environmental impact.

DEG offers companies long-term finance – for instance in the form of loans, equity participation or guarantees on market-oriented terms. It finances investments in the agricultural, manufacturing and infrastructure sectors. A further focus is investment in the financial sector as a way of providing business in partner countries with reliable access to capital.

And the DEG has a new up-scaling programme with which it primarily finances pioneering investments by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The programme is useful for giving a boost to innovative business models which will have a positive impact on development. DEG's support services are tailored to businesses whose financing needs lie somewhere between microfinancing and the classical finance provided by commercial banks.

DEG supports and advises companies throughout all phases of the project. It helps them to recognise and address risks, and to seize commercial opportunities.

The services offered by DEG can be found here.

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