Opportunities on offer for private companies

Integrated development partnerships

Installation of water and sewer pipes at a house in Mafraq, Jordan

When international development projects and programmes are being planned, planners already look into the issue of whether cooperation with the private sector might be able to turn development-policy challenges into business opportunities.

An increasing number of private enterprises are bringing into play their own resources in projects funded under Financial and Technical Cooperation, for example in projects to develop infrastructure, enhance vocational education or introduce certification for local products and manufacturing processes.

By getting private businesses involved in state-funded development projects as development partners, it is possible to increase the effectiveness of such projects. Cooperation with the private sector often makes implementation of larger-scale programmes feasible, for instance programmes to develop economic and social infrastructure, promote renewable energies, or improve water supply and sanitation.

However, the BMZ only supports private-sector activities where these make a contribution to the development of the partner country concerned, and could not be realised without state support.

The opportunities for cooperation are manifold. Interested companies can apply to the  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) for information.

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