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Assessing the cost of land degradation

The ELD initiative wants to alert decisionmakers in politics, business and society to the economic costs of land degradation.

Experience in the past has shown how important it is to give decision-makers from the political arena an idea of the economic consequences of global environmental change, and to back this information with figures and illustrative examples. That is why the BMZ, together with the European Commission and the UNCCD Secretariat, has launched an initiative to assess the economic effects of land degradation, desertification and drought.

The ELD Initiative (Economics of Land Degradation) is to bring to the attention of decision-makers in the countries affected, and their partners, the economic advantages of investing in sustainable land and resource management. The aim is to make published scientific findings more accessible, to add to existing knowledge in selected fields and to present this information in a way that decision-makers from politics, business and society can actually draw on it.

The International Year of Soils 2015 marked the end of a first phase for the ELD Initiative. It reached a high point with the publication of the main report "The Value of Land" and a special report for decision-makers (Report for policy and decision-makers). Beginning in 2016, the initiative will focus its work more strongly on the practical implementation of theoretical findings and offer tailor-made advisory services.

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