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Supporting small farmers at the local level

Smallholder farmers from Swaziland’s eastern Lubombo District are using conservation techniques to grow crops other than maize

The consequences of land degradation are especially felt by small farmers and nomadic pasturalists. These trends can only be tackled successfully if the people affected are enabled to analyse the root causes of their problems themselves and become involved in finding solutions. German development cooperation has been active in this way since the 1980s.

Land use plans and sound management practices are developed in cooperation with the farmers. Stone bunds and plant cover prevent fertile soils from being carried away by wind and rain. Improved irrigation methods help save water and protect the soil from salinisation. To prevent overgrazing, appropriate pasture management plans are drawn up in cooperation with livestock breeders.

Reafforestation projects and sustainable forest management programmes are also part of German development cooperation. All measures are complemented by training and advisory services.

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