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Drip irrigation on a field in Ethiopia

Problems such as climate change, biodiversity loss and the loss of healthy soils do not stop at borders. In order to foster a cross-border exchange of experience, Germany is supporting approaches that involve several countries in efforts to fight desertification and promote sustainable land management.

GIZ, for instance, is conducting a programme on soil protection and rehabilitation in order to enhance food security in cooperation with Ethiopia, Benin, Burkina Faso, India and Kenya. It is part of the BMZ special initiative "ONE WORLD – No Hunger". The programme promotes measures that contribute to sustainable land and soil fertility management.

The GIZ works both with small farmers to help them improve their farming techniques and with government representatives to develop favourable conditions for soil protection. A special emphasis is put on knowledge sharing between the countries involved, and between the countries and academia. Proven practices and experiences with implementation are presented at international fora with a view to disseminating this within the programme and beyond it.

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