Rule of law – a pillar of good governance

Sculpture of Lady Justice in Frankfurt

Rule of law: protecting citizens from arbitrary rule by the state

Rule of law is a prerequisite for peace, freedom and sustainable development. Furthermore, it helps countries achieve all the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development more quickly. It forms the basis for a functioning democracy and is a key element of good governance. more

Germany's contribution: Strengthening the role of law

Germany works with its developing partner countries to devise demand-oriented reform programmes that are tailored to each country's needs. The implementation strategies are planned on a long-term basis to reflect the complex process of political and social change required when a legal system is installed or restructured. Reform of legal and justice systems almost always entails modifications to the way power is exercised in a country. more

Further information

A selection of links to documents that provide further information on the rule of law can be found here. more

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