Sexual and reproductive health and rights

A pregnant woman during a routine examination in a hospital in Kenya

Background: Sexual and reproductive health and rights

Sexual and reproductive health and rights mean unrestricted physical and emotional wellbeing in relation to all aspects of sexuality and human reproduction. The promotion of this aspect of health and the realisation of pertinent rights are im­por­tant objectives of German devel­op­ment policy. That is why Germany works in partner coun­tries for comprehensive health care and forward-looking family planning. The commitment of the Federal Republic of Germany to combating gender-based violence – including the still widespread practice of female genital mutilation – and sexually transmissible diseases is also part of this overarching area. more

The German contribution to promoting sexual and reproductive health

Sexual and reproductive health is closely linked to the entire issue of popu­la­tion growth. It will only be possible to reduce popu­la­tion growth rates while respecting human rights where people are free to decide on all matters relating to sexuality and where they can demand all their rights. Since the Inter­national Conference on Population and Devel­op­ment in Cairo in 1994 Germany has made available a total of more than one billion euros for improving reproductive health in devel­op­ing coun­tries. more

Further information

Here you will find a selection of links to documents and websites with further information on sexual and reproductive health and rights. more

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