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Climate change and development

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Climate change and development


Climate change and development


Climate change and development


Drought resilience

Immediate measures and long-term solutions

Droughts are devastating natural disasters. They have caused the death of millions, destroying livelihoods across all continents. They are often linked with local conflicts, triggering forced migration of the poorest. And with global climate change progressing rapidly, droughts are predicted to increase in frequency, duration and severity.

This film not only highlights these problems but also puts forward possible solutions aimed at establishing greater drought resilience in the affected regions.

The film was produced under the auspices of the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) and the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), with funding from German development cooperation.


Innovative farming methods

Farmers in Bolivia grow apples and other fruit, including strawberries. In that region, this is only possible thanks to innovative, modern farming methods that use water sparingly. (Video in German)


Climate change and the apple harvest

As a result of climate change, apples in Bolivia's highlands ripen too quickly and farmers cannot ship them at the right time. Then again, a cold spell may hit all of a sudden and destroy the entire crop. (Video in German)


Coastal protection in Beira

Mozambique is already affected by the consequences of climate change, such as severe flooding. Germany supports the country in preventive measures. (Video in German)


Living with climate change

Germany is supporting Bangladesh in mitigating the consequences of climate change, for example by building bridges, dams and embankments. (Video in German)


Flood management in Naga City

The city of Naga in the Philippines is located in the center of a typhoon area, regularly flooding. With the help of the initiative "Urban Development for Asia" (CDIA), measures for flood control were financed in Naga.

Sustainable cities

Cities for a better world

Cities are the key to our future. With the beginning of civilisation, they have been the centres of progress and innovation, of political and cultural life. They are the engines of our economy and marketplaces for goods of all kinds. They are places of longing, linked to hope and liberty.


Full steam ahead for renewable energies

Kenya has set itself an ambitious target for its energy supply. With German support, geothermal energy is increasingly being used to achieve this goal. (Video in German)


New kitchens to combat climate change

Wood is still Bolivia's most important source of energy in rural areas. In order to protect the environment and reduce consumption, the Malena Kitchen Project is working on the construction of new stoves. (Video in German)

Mozambique – solar power for Mozambique

A public-private development partnership between Phaesun, a German company, and the Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft is bringing off-grid solar systems to Mozambique, thus giving rural people new opportunities. (Video in German)

The Philippines

Reducing air pollution with E-Trikes

In Naga City in the Philippines, a company has specialised in the construction of E-Trikes. The electric vehicles are designed to reduce air pollution. 90 percent of the required materials are supplied from the immediate vicinity, only 10 to 15 percent have to be imported.


Renewable energies

The 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement have set the world on a new course for achieving development that is truly sustainable. Renewable energy is at the core of sustainable development and climate action.

National climate contributions

The NDC Partnership

The NDC Partnership is a global initiative to accelerate climate and development action – ensuring countries have the support and tools they need to achieve ambitious climate and sustainable development targets as fast and effectively as possible.


NDC Partnership in action

In June 2018, Uganda launched the first NDC Partnership Plan for climate action, outlining priorities for implementation of the Paris Agreement to increase coordination and collaboration with national and international partners.


NDC Partnership in action: Fiji

Fiji is among the countries most vulnerable to climate change. The NDC Partnership is supporting Fiji in enhancing its NDC, designing roadmaps for NDC implementation, and supporting efforts to finance NDC investments.

Knowledge portal

NDC Partnership Knowledge Portal

The NDC Partnership's Knowledge Portal helps countries to accelerate climate action by providing quick and easy access to data, tools, guidance, good practice, and funding opportunities.

Climate finance

Replenishment of the Green Climate Fund

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) channels finance to developing countries to help them achieve their climate goals – low-emission, climate-resilient development. The GCF Board decided in October 2018 to launch the Fund's first replenishment, inviting contributors to pledge further investment into the Fund.

Climate risk insurance

InsuResilience Global Partnership – A platform for action

In order to provide insurance against climate risk for people in developing countries, the InsuResilience Global Partnership for Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance Solutions was launched at the UN climate conference in Bonn.

Functions of forests

Tropical rainforest in 360 degrees

The 360-degree film shows how forests – especially tropical rainforests – are critically important for mitigating climate change but also for many valuable social ecosystem services (food, medicinal plants, water, oxygen), and it presents the activities of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in the field of forest protection.

(Please note that the 360-degree function is not available for users browsing with Internet Explorer version 11 or lower.)


Forest protection

REDD+: why Germany is involved

REDD+ is a strategy for climate protection through avoided deforestation. This animated film by the BMZ explains how REDD+ works, why forest protection is extremely important and why Germany is involved.

Conservation des forêts

Pourquoi l’Allemagne s’engage dans l’initiative REDD+

REDD+ est un concept de protection du climat par la conservation des forêts. Ce film d'animation du BMZ explique clairement le fonctionnement de REDD+, pourquoi la conservation des forêts est si importante et pourquoi l'Allemagne s’y engage.

Forest landscape restoration (FLR) in a nutshell

The short movie "FLR in a nutshell" describes the Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) approach, which aims to restore tree-rich landscapes and forests in an sustainable way.

Restauration des paysages forestieres (RPF) en bref

Le film "RPF en bref" explique l'approche de restauration des paysages forestieres (RPF), qui vise à restaurer de manière durable des paysages riches en arbres et des fôrets.

Forest management

Protecting forests and using them sustainably

In order to protect the rainforest, the BMZ works with people who depend on the forest for their livelihoods, helping them to develop alternative management methods so that they can plant crops of good quality without having to cut down more forest.

Alternative forms of forest management

Responsible use of tropical forests – quite simply explained

Climate change shows how important it is to use global resources responsibly. Forests are a good example: managing them sustainably enables us to preserve them and benefit from them at the same time.

Forest protection

The future we want needs forests

Forests are shrinking by 35 football pitches per minute. This has serious consequences for all of us. That is why the German government and 180 other governments and non-governmental organisations want to completely stop the clearing of forest areas by 2030. (Video in German)


Flying Rivers

"Flying Rivers" is what people in Brazil call the humidity rising from the rainforest that supplies large parts of Latin America with rain. This natural phenomenon is threatened if more and more forest is cleared.


Flying Rivers (extended version)

"Flying Rivers" is what people in Brazil call the humidity rising from the rainforest that supplies large parts of Latin America with rain. This natural phenomenon is threatened if more and more forest is cleared.

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