Fostering good governance – advancing development

A local government employee in Ouad Naga, Mauritania

Good governance – an enabling environment for development

Towards the end of the 1980s it became widely recognised around the world that progress was not merely a matter of economic success but that it could be hindered by "weak” governments, arbitrary legal and judicial systems, poor governance and corruption. Only effective, legitimate government institutions have the capacity to steer political, economic, social and ecological reform processes and to ensure permanent reform. more

Good governance – a core element of German development cooperation activity

Promoting good governance is a core element of German development cooperation activity. Germany’s work in this field aims to ensure that governments exercise political power and use public resources in a responsible manner. Germany seeks to build the capacity of governmental actors and institutions to formulate pro-poor, sustainable policies. The intention is that the population should be involved in all phases of the political process. more

Further information on good governance

Here you can find a selection of documents and websites with further information on good governance. more

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