Good financial governance


Background: Transparent public finances – a stable foundation for sustainable development

A legitimate, transparent and development-oriented system of public finance provides the stable foundation necessary to secure long-term success in development. Such a system requires efficient and accountable government bodies for financial administration, functioning supreme audit institutions and control mechanisms enshrined in policy and society. more

Good financial governance: Germany’s value-based approach

Governments need money for schools, roads, healthcare systems and other public institutions and goods. Germany helps its partner countries increase their domestic revenues and ensure responsible, pro-development public spending. In its work to promote good financial governance, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) takes a value-based, integrated approach. The conviction behind it is that a legitimate and transparent system of public finance is inextricably linked with other principles of good governance. more

Further information

A selection of links to documents and websites that provide further information on good financial governance can be found here. more

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