Freedom of opinion and freedom of the press

Microphones at a press conference in Gaza

Background: Free media for democracy and good governance

Every country needs free, independent media if a well-informed, critically minded and vigilant civil society is to develop and all groups in society are to be able to participate in political decision-making processes. Freedom of opinion and unrestricted access to information are cornerstones of a functioning democracy and an absolute necessity for long-term development. more

Freedom of opinion and media development in German development policy

Development cooperation in the area of freedom of opinion and media development is a core element of Germany’s efforts to promote democracy and good governance. It focuses on creating an environment that is conducive to diversity in the media landscape, ensures the right of all citizens to access to information and freedom of opinion and makes it possible for media professionals to do their work, free of fear and political pressure. more

Further information

A selection of links to documents and websites that provide further information on freedom of opinion and media development can be found here. more

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