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Women in armed conflicts and peacekeeping

Democratic Republic of the Congo: A woman and her child walk past a UN peacekeepers’ base near Bunagana

The protection of women and girls in armed conflicts and fragile states, and especially protecting displaced women and girls is a key concern of German development cooperation. The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) also works hard to strengthen women’s role in peacebuilding projects. Enduring, long-term peace occurs only in those places where women are involved in peace processes.

The BMZ promotes a large range of projects which involve women and men taking part in conflict resolution and reconciliation processes on an equal footing. For instance, Germany supports women’s organisations and enables them to represent their interests within the scope of peace processes. Victims of sexualised or gender-specific violence receive special support during the criminal prosecution of their cases. Awareness campaigns encourage reflection on stereotyping and violence-generating role models for men and women, replacing them with more constructive images.

The situation of former female soldiers and fighters has special priority for demobilisation and social reintegration measures.

Detailed information about German activities in regard to peacebuilding and conflict prevention can be found here.

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