International energy policy

Partnerships and networks

German-Netherlands energy partnership

Germany is tending increasingly towards close collaboration with other donor countries. One example of this is its 'Energising Development (EnDev)' partnership with the Netherlands.

So far the EnDev partnership has supported 23 projects in 22 coun­tries. Its main regional focus is on Africa, where it supports a total of 14 projects. Other projects are located in Asia and Latin America.

The projects promoted focus on rural electrification and improving the efficiency of household cooking technologies. Support is also provided for the supply of energy to schools and hospitals, and productive energy use by small and medium-sized enterprises.

Cooperation has been ongoing since late 2004. By mid-2008 almost five million people had gained sustainable access to modern energy services. In early September 2008 Germany and the Netherlands agreed on a second phase of the partnership running until 2011.

Global Network on Energy for Sustainable Development

The Global Network on Energy for Sustainable Development (GNESD) networks various actors from developing and industrial countries that conduct policy analyses on access to energy, environment and development.

It supports national competence centres that design sustainable development strategies, by providing them with international con­tacts and facilitating the transfer of expertise. The network focuses on needs-based environmentally friendly energy supply to help reduce poverty and achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

The GNESD is based with the United Nations Environment Pro­gram­me (UNEP), and is supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Foundation (a foundation that promotes the work of the UN) and various national donors.

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