A woman standing in front of electoral register printouts at the local council offices in Tienfala (Mali)

Background: Democracy – the most successful form of government there is

Democracy is the only political system that guarantees people political and civil liberties and the right to political participation. No other form of government has proved to be so successful, so humane and so conducive to development. Not only are consolidated democracies less likely to engage in armed conflict, it becomes more difficult for governments to violate human rights or abuse their authority if their power is democratically controlled by the people over whom they rule. more

Germany's contribution: Strengthening democracy

Germany has agreed with more than half of its partner countries to make "Democracy, civil society, governance" a priority area of development cooperation. All support measures in this priority area are in essence concerned with political reform processes. Germany bases its approach on the democratic state governed by the rule of law and on the principle of the social market economy. The aim is to increase the legitimacy and transparency of government actions and to improve supervision of how power is exercised. more

Further information

A selection of links to documents and websites that provide further information on democracy can be found here. more

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