Pooling the expertise and experience of all major stakeholders

In order to attain its goals, the Partnership brings together the expertise and experience of all its stakeholders. To that end, it unites representatives of developing and industrialised countries, international organisations and development banks, the private sector, civil society and academia.

Together, they develop ideas on how to provide financial protection against climate and natural disaster risks, and they implement these ideas – in line with country-specific needs and with the challenges faced by the poorest population groups.

The Partnership addresses various levels to implement and complement climate risk financing and insurance solutions:

  1. The High-Level Consultative Group (HLCG) determines the Partnership's strategic course.
  2. The Program Alliance coordinates implementation programmes that provide funding and advice to developing countries and emerging economies.
  3. The Partnership Forum meets annually. It uses a variety of channels and platforms to exchange knowledge and launch collaborative endeavours.
  4. The technical working groups reinforce technical exchange among the members of the Partnership and help to advance new developments within the Partnership.
  5. The InsuResilience Secretariat provides administrative support for the Partnership. It is the key platform for coordination efforts, the exchange of knowledge, matchmaking, monitoring & evaluation, and all Partnership bodies.

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