Shoal of fish (golden-striped fusiliers) in Papua New Guinea

Oceans and biodiversity MeerWissen – African-German Partners for Ocean Knowledge

The oceans are enormously important for economic development and food security in the coastal states of Africa. But marine ecosystems are under threat as a result of pollution and overuse.

Decision-makers often lack the scientific data that is needed to underpin responsible marine policies and sustainable resource management.

The MeerWissen (External link) initiative strengthens partnerships between marine research institutions in Africa and Germany. It builds on the regional expertise of African partner countries and Germany’s internationally leading role in marine research. The initiative helps ensure that future policy decisions are based on better information.

MeerWissen contributes to achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal for the oceans (SDG 14) and to the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (External link). The approach adopted by MeerWissen has three core aspects:

  • Strengthening the capabilities of African marine scientists in partnership projects with German marine research institutions.
  • Stimulating dialogue between policymakers and marine researchers about effective marine conservation in Africa, thereby improving the transfer of research results into policymaking processes and promoting knowledge-based management.
  • Promoting digitalisation and innovation through the use of modern technologies and digital media such as smartphone apps, open-access data platforms and online courses.

Further information about MeerWissen is available here (External link).