Protecting biodiversity – ensuring survival


Biodiversity – the bedrock of sustainable development

Over the last 25 years or so, the term "biodiversity" has become firmly established in scientific and political debate as shorthand for the wealth of living natural resources on our planet: biodiversity encompasses the diversity of animal and plant species, genetic diversity within species and ecosystem diversity. Biodiversity is considered an essential prerequisite for ecosystems to remain intact and fully functioning. As the natural habitats of humans, animals and plants, these ecosystems form the very basis for our existence. It is therefore essential to protect biodiversity for the sake of the economic, social and cultural development of present and future generations. more

Conserving biodiversity – a task for development cooperation

The majority of the world’s genetic and biological diversity is to be found in the tropics and subtropics. For many of the people living in these regions, these natural resources form the very basis of their existence. Conserving this natural wealth is therefore a crucial condition for successfully reducing global poverty. more

Further information on biodiversity

Here you can find a selection of links to docu­ments and web­sites con­tain­ing further in­for­ma­tion on biodiversity conservation. more

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