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Tackling the root causes of displacement

The project "Someone is listening to me" brings together students and teachers to create a play that reflects on prejudices we hold against others. There are no solutions offered, instead the audience is asked to reflect on them themselves.

In recent years, wars and conflicts have forced millions of people to leave their homes. In addition to these short-term causes of displacement, there are also structural causes that have emerged over long periods, such as poverty, inequality, poor governance, shortages of resources and food insecurity.

Regardless of how the causes of displacement have come about, the only way they can be tackled is through long-term efforts. The aim is to improve people's living conditions to such an extent that they will not be forced to leave. This requires initiatives to strengthen political and economic stability and to improve security and social cohesion.

Many of the countries with which the German government engages in development cooperation are affected by conflicts, violence and instability. It is above all political solutions that are needed in order to prevent conflicts from developing or escalating. That is why the BMZ is helping countries in crisis to build and operate institutions that are based on the rule of law.

The BMZ also supports constructive and non-violent conflict management. To that end, it funds projects undertaken by the Civil Peace Service (CPS). CPS sends experts to conflict regions. They mediate in conflicts, raise public awareness of the concerns of disadvantaged groups, help ease former combatants back into civilian life, work with traumatised victims of violence, and assist refugees as they return to their homes. They always work with local organisations and initiatives.

In order to improve political and economic stability on the ground, the BMZ also supports employment and training programmes that help to give people better prospects in their countries of origin.

Further examples of Germany's efforts to tackle the root causes of displacement include the BMZ's broad range of measures to help ensure compliance with human rights standards, develop fair trade, promote environmental and social standards, and contribute to food security and to the development of better infrastructure in its partner countries.

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