Rural development and food security

A woman in a field in Namibia

No other human right is violated as often as the right to food. After several years of decline, the number of people going hungry rose again for the first time in 2016 – to 815 million people worldwide. Hunger is not just the biggest health risk there is, it is also one of the biggest obstacles to development.

Germany stands by its promise to contribute significantly to the efforts to eradicate hunger and malnutrition. The BMZ has therefore launched a special initiative, 'ONE WORLD – No Hunger', and is spending about 1.5 billion euros a year on food security and rural development. Because a world without hunger is possible.

German activities to support rural development and food security

Logo of the conference "ONE WORLD – No Hunger. Future of the rural world"

G20 conference 27–28 April 2017 in Berlin

ONE WORLD – No Hunger. Future of the rural world more

A woman in Kenya showing pounded millet

Eradicating hunger and malnutrition

Vegetable stall in a market in Accra, Ghana

Working for food security, enhancing resilience

Turning the right to food into reality more

Maize plant

Fostering innovation in the agriculture and food sector

Harvesting apricots in Tunisia

Creating new prospects for people living in rural areas

Comprehensive support for rural transformation processes more

Terraced fields with an integrated watering system in Alaga, Ethiopia

Promoting sustainable, resource-saving production methods

Preserving and protecting soils, forests, water and biodiversity more

Fish at Colombo beach in Sri Lanka

Protecting fishing grounds

Fostering the sustainable management of fishing grounds and aquaculture more

A BMZ-sponsored mentoring programme supports the Namibian government in implementing a land reform.

Securing access to land

Supporting responsible land policy more

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