Germany’s commitment

Green innovation centres

Fostering innovation in the agriculture and food sector

As part of its special initiative ONE WORLD – No Hunger, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has established green innovation centres in 14 partner countries for German development cooperation. The aim of the centres is to use innovation in the agriculture and food sector to increase regional food supplies, boost the income of smallholders, and to create more employment opportunities, particularly in the area of food processing. The Development Ministry will provide a total of 277.7 million euros for this project by March 2022. Background information on the green innovation centres can be found here.

Benin: harvesting maize with a combine harvester


Coaching for agricultural processing companies, insurance solutions to protect against rice and soy crop failures, and a mobile team of agricultural instructors providing training to smallholders on the ground more

Rice paddies in Dano in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

Seed cleaning equipment, rice mills for husking rice, practical agricultural training more

In the research institute IRAD in Cameroon, a lab worker is analysing the composition of chicken feed.


Solar dryers for cocoa beans, solar-powered refrigerators for poultry holdings providing storage for medicines, vaccines and feed supplements, new potato varieties for export more

Smallholders threshing wheat in  Northern Ethiopia


Greater yields through the use of high-quality seed and modern farm machinery in smallholder production, presentation of innovative agricultural methods at pilot farms, theoretical and practical training for agricultural extension officers more

Maize in a bowl


Increasing maize production with better quality seed, use of solar maize dryers, innovation fund for creative business ideas more

Solar- and battery-powered insect trap. The insects are lured in by the light of the trap and are killed inside.


Planting of leaf blight-resistant potato varieties, use of solar-powered traps for plant pests, higher yields thanks to mechanical tillage more

Cows in the stable of the Green innovation centre at the  Bukura Agricultural College in Kenya


Improving breeding and hygiene standards as well as the cultivation of fodder crops for dairy cows, construction of small-scale biogas plants, use of improved, nutrient-rich sweet potato slips more

A farmer in handtractor training: At the Agricultural and Natural Sciences University of Malawi, farmers can borrow tractors at low prices on a daily basis.


Use of cassava varieties that are more pest-resistant, tractor rental service for smallholders, mobile workshop for carrying out repairs to agricultural machinery more

Mangos being washed


Organic certification for mangoes, use of renewable energies to refrigerate mango and potato storage facilities, training in business administration, literacy courses and specialist courses for smallholders more

Baobab, the fruit of the baobab tree, can be used to prepare juices and sauces, among other things. Baobab oil is also increasingly used in cosmetics. In Mozambique, the harvests are mainly organised by women.


Promoting value chains for rice, pigeonpea and baobab, improving food security, fostering networks between suppliers, producers, processing companies, public authorities and research institutions, providing further training for multipliers. more

Green innovation centre Nigeria: Workshop for trainers where they learn, among other things, how to best space maize plants to increase the yield.


Agricultural training courses, apps for smartphones and tablets containing information on modern agricultural cultivation methods, fostering of working relationships between cooperatives and processing operations more

Togo: women pealing and sorting cashew nuts


Improved planting material for cashew farmers, use of a mobile soybean threshing machine directly in the fields, greater security for smallholders thanks to agreements setting our fixed purchase quantities for peanuts and soybean more

Tunisia: The members of a cooperative are discussing the feed composition for their sheep and cows.


Introduction of an extra planting period for potatoes, training courses for dairy farmers and sheep farmers, use of special shredding machines to produce feed for sheep and cows from particular varieties of cactus more

Zambia: Harison und Sarah Mbao are partners of COMACO (Community Markets for Conservation). The not-for-profit organisation buys up the peanut harvest of smallholder farmer families at a fair price.


Manufacture of own-brand yoghurt drinks by dairy farmer cooperatives, planting of gliricidia trees to improve soils, peanut processing more

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