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General basic education

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Poverty and educational deprivation are closely linked: educational deprivation is a major cause of material impoverishment. And in the absence of education, poverty is often carried over from one generation to the next. Six years of primary school, however, are not enough to prepare an individual to lead a self-determined life and gain entry into the labour market. The BMZ therefore promotes basic and secondary education within a holistic approach.

The aim is to improve access to basic and secondary education and to increase education quality. Education is a priority area of cooperation with 10 of Germany's partner countries: Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Kosovo, Malawi, Mozambique, Pakistan, Togo and Yemen. In many other partner countries, education initiatives are an integral part of projects in other priority areas, such as sustainable economic development and health.

In 2011, the BMZ disbursed 164.1 million euros for bilateral basic and secondary education programmes.

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