Improving transparency in the extractive industries: EITI

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The EITI – greater transparency in extractive industries

In many developing countries natural resources are an important economic factor, but mismanagement, corruption and local conflicts prevent the poor benefiting from the revenues generated. To enable all population groups to profit from their country's resource wealth, the governments of these countries are called upon to put in place an appropriate and reliable business environment and to ensure good governance. At the World Summit for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002, the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) was set up. The Initiative is based on the G8 Africa Action Plan which was adopted in the same year and has its headquarters in Oslo. The aim of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative is to increase the transparency of cash flows associated with the extraction of oil, gas and other natural resources, thereby enabling civil society to monitor the whereabouts of the funds. more

The EITI Standard

The EITI maintains the EITI Standard, which can be voluntarily implemented by countries. The Standard is overseen by the international EITI Board, with members from governments, companies and investors, and civil society (multi-stakeholder process). Alongside the publication of payment and revenue data, the standard also provides for comprehensive transparency concerning other aspects of the extractive industries. more

The German contribution to the EITI

The German Government has been promoting the EITI since the initiative was established in the year 2003, above all as part of the international transparency and developmental agenda. In July 2014, the German Government decided to prepare for the full implementation of the EITI Standard in Germany (D-EITI). This step reflects the commitment of Germany – together with Norway, the USA, the United Kingdom, France and Italy – to strengthen developing and emerging countries in the common struggle against corruption. more

Further information

Here you will find a selection of links to documents and websites with further information on the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. more

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