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Workers in a coal mine in Zambia

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is a global initiative to promote transparency and accountable management of the extractive sector. EITI implementing countries ensure full disclosure of taxes and other payments made by oil, gas and mining companies to governments. The Standard is implemented worldwide in around 50 countries by governments in cooperation with companies and civil society.

A sound basis for public debate

In developing and emerging countries in particular, the effective management of natural resources can generate and capture revenues that are of central importance to both economic growth and social development. However, if information about these revenues is not made transparent, this can lead to mistrust, weak governance or even conflicts. In order to ensure that the extractive resources of a country benefit the population, transparency concerning the management of these resources is essential.

Publicly accessible data fosters informed debate on the management and use of these natural resources. With the right information at their disposal, the citizens of a country are better placed to hold those responsible in politics and industry to account.

You can find further information on the implementation of EITI in individual countries here

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