Returning to New Opportunities Providing advice in our partner countries 

At the core of the programme Returning to New Opportunities are the advice centres for jobs, migration and reintegration. These advice centres are set up in the partner countries by GIZ in close collaboration with national employment agencies and other partners, and offer advice on the following:

  • help with looking for a job; advice on employment, for instance in micro and small enterprises; or advice on business start-up loans;
  • job fairs, organised together with partner countries, local associations and businesses;
  • free individual advice about training and skills development;
  • support with regard to social issues (e.g. finding a place to live, applying for education grants or getting access to health care or psycho-social support);
  • information campaigns about the dangers of irregular migration via human trafficking routes and advice about the realistic chances of being eligible for regular migration for people who are thinking of leaving their native country.

To date, advice centres have been set up in the following countries: Albania (Tirana), Kosovo (Pristina), Serbia (Belgrade), Morocco (Casablanca, Oujda, Tangier), Tunisia (Tunis, Sfax), Senegal (Dakar), Ghana (Accra), Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja, Benin City) and Iraq (Baghdad, Erbil), Egypt (Cairo) and Pakistan (Lahore). In Afghanistan, services are provided by telephone or as virtual support services.

Here (External link) you can find information from GIZ on the German advice centres.