Returning to New Opportunities Improving the situation at country level

The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is working to ensure that people continue to have prospects in their own countries, or to create such prospects. In 2019 alone, the BMZ made about 4.5 billion euros available for efforts to address the causes of displacement and to support refugees and migrants, and their hosting communities.

Detailed information about German activities to tackle the root causes of displacement can be found here.

The programme Returning to New Opportunities builds on the activities described there. So far, there are links with about 20 ongoing development projects in 13 partner countries which are being implemented by GIZ. This means that people there can benefit from access to long-term measures to improve their living conditions and income opportunities.

The Returning to New Opportunities programme helps returnees get any further vocational training they may need, find a permanent job or launch their own business back in their home country. The programme also offers social support by helping people find a place to live and by providing or finding health care services and (psycho-)social support for them.

The programme works with numerous civil society organisations in the returnees' countries of origin so that it can offer the various support services that people there need.