Returning to New Opportunities Providing support digitally worldwide

As part of the programme Returning to New Opportunities, we also offer support on-line via our "Startfinder" website at (External link). People considering returning to their countries of origin as well as people living in our partner countries can consult the website to find information about what prospects they may have in their home countries and what advisory services and support are available for people returning home voluntarily.

All on-line offerings are available in the various target groups' own languages. Moreover, it will be possible for people to have virtual counselling sessions with the advice centres located in their respective country of origin.

In live "chat rooms" people interested in these services can make contact with counselling staff, regardless of whether they are currently in Germany or are in one the partner countries involved in the programme. Counselling sessions are confidential, and their outcome is open and non-binding. The advice centres can also be contacted via various social media, including Facebook.

The "Startfinder" online portal supplements the support on offer via other government websites – for example on (External link), the information portal (External link) hosted by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in collaboration with Germany's Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (External link) (BAMF).

Support staff providing counselling in Germany can find information and advice there about German development cooperation projects offering reintegration assistance to returnees back home.

Links to the Facebook accounts of the advice centres in each partner country: