Returning to New Opportunities Counselling in Germany

The Returning to New Opportunities returnee programme is also aimed at migrants living in Germany who do not have the right to remain, or who do not want to remain, and have therefore decided to return to their native countries. In order to provide people still living in Germany but interested in returning home with information about the opportunities on offer in their countries of origin, the Returning to New Opportunities programme is networked with advice centres for migrants in Germany.

Such information and advisory networks can assist migrants who have decided to make a new start in their home countries in preparing their return more thoroughly, thus making their fresh start more likely to succeed.

Reintegration scouts

To support this networking, there are currently up to 20 reintegration scouts deployed as advisors all over Germany. These scouts have expert knowledge about what reintegration assistance is available and thus form a link between pre-departure counselling in Germany and the development/reintegration programmes being supported by the German government abroad.

People interested in returning home can also make use of the advisory services offered by the German Länder and the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

We are also working with civil society organisations and public sector partners in Germany in order to help prepare people for reintegration in order to provide them with the information, orientation and initial qualifications they will need for a new start in their countries of origin. In this way we provide sustainable support for returnees.