Soroti solar power plant in Uganda

Core area “Renewable energy and energy efficiency” Better services for households and businesses

Not least thanks to Germany's support, Uganda has made considerable progress in the field of power generation and distribution. There are still deficits in the area of grid development. So far, only a little over 25 per cent of the people have access to the national grid. In rural regions, the rate is significantly lower.

In order to establish country-wide electricity supply, the Ugandan government is looking to exploit environmentally responsible sources of energy (hydropower, biomass, thermal power and solar energy). Germany is helping Uganda to develop renewable energies on a sustainable basis, take action to raise energy efficiency, and move forward on rural electrification. The BMZ is supporting both the construction of hydropower stations and the establishment of small off-grid photovoltaic systems for households and small enterprises. These cooperation programmes are making a significant contribution towards climate change mitigation.

As at: 28/03/2023