Building site in Kampala, Uganda

Core area “Good governance, support for civil society and for displaced persons” More transparency and accountability, more revenue, less corruption

The German Development Ministry supports the Ugandan government in making public administration more transparent, meeting accountability requirements, increasing domestic revenue, and fighting corruption.

Germany is increasing its activities in the field of good governance in order to foster compliance with human rights standards and strengthen Uganda's civil society. The BMZ supports government institutions and non-governmental organisations that advocate for compliance with human rights standards, report on human rights violations and help victims to get access to justice. Furthermore, training is being provided for journalists in rural areas of Uganda based on cooperation with Deutsche Welle Akademie.

The BMZ also encourages the Ugandan government to engage more with civil society within the framework of national planning processes. Minority rights play an important role in that context. The BMZ supports human rights defenders, including with regard to the human rights of gay, lesbian, intersex and transgender people.


A significant proportion of the financial commitments is dedicated to the integration of displaced people. The purpose of this support is to provide safe drinking water for refugees and host communities, put in place wastewater management systems that are climate neutral and pose no health hazards, and give people access to education. Vocational skills development and support for starting a business are being offered with a view to enabling agricultural households in refugee settlements and host communities to increase their agricultural production to such a point that they can provide a livelihood for their families.

As at: 28/03/2023