Priority area Sustainable economic development Support for growth and employment

Serbian-German cooperation in this field focuses on private sector development, financial system development and vocational training and the labour market.

Shopping street in Belgrade

Shopping street in Belgrade

Shopping street in Belgrade

Private sector development

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) play a key role in job creation. Germany therefore provides special support to Serbian MSMEs in the areas of information and communication technology, metalworking, mechanical engineering, and sustainable farming. They are given access to reduced-interest loans and public support programmes and receive assistance with a view to the introduction of modern information technologies.

In 2019, the German and Serbian governments will launch a broad-based support programme (start-up facility) for people who want to start a business. In its first year, 2,000 entrepreneurs are to receive training under the programme, and 1,500 loans and start-up grants are to be provided.

Vocational training

In the area of vocational training, a law on "dual" (industry-based and school-based) vocational education was passed with support from Germany. Currently, 43 vocational schools offer dual training in five occupations that are in high demand (welder/metalworker, electrician, industrial mechanic, apparel tailor, car mechanic). Nearly 1,900 students are attending these courses. Practical training is provided by some 50 companies. About 170,000 young people are using a career guidance system that was introduced with support from German Technical Cooperation.