Priority area Development of public institutions and support for civil society (Governance) More public participation and better public services

Leistungsfähige und bürgerorientierte staatliche Institutionen, gute Regierungsführung und eine lebendige Zivilgesellschaft sind elementar, um soziale und wirtschaftliche Perspektiven für die palästinensische Bevölkerung zu schaffen, die Dialogfähigkeit zu fördern und die Stabilität zu erhalten.

Training situation in the GIZ "Train the Trainer" project

Training situation in the GIZ “Train the Trainer” project

Training situation in the GIZ Train the Trainer project

Effective and responsive government institutions, good governance and a vibrant civil society are crucial for creating social and economic opportunities for the Palestinian population, fostering capacity for dialogue, and maintaining stability.

Even though the system in the Palestinian territories is essentially rooted in democracy, there are significant legitimacy deficits.

In this difficult context, Germany wants to help through its development cooperation to ensure that the people can participate in the political process and that public services meet their needs.

Cooperation with municipalities

Local authorities are particularly important partners. The cooperation programme is intended to enable them to improve their service delivery. Support is provided, for example, for the establishment of transparent public financial management and the introduction of à e-governance programmes. Germany also provides funding for the development of municipal infrastructure through the Palestinian Municipal Development and Lending Fund (MDLF). Germany is the largest contributor to the Fund.

Training in the GIZ "Train the Trainer" project

Training in the GIZ “Train the Trainer” project

Training in the GIZ Train the Trainer project

Cooperation with civil society

Supporting a moderate civil society that is willing to engage in dialogue is an important contribution towards statebuilding, building political will through a democratic process, dialogue within society, and capacity for peace.

In this context, Germany's development cooperation provides special support for the social participation of disadvantaged groups such as persons with disabilities, and the participation of women and impoverished population groups. Important players in this field of cooperation are the German political foundations, church development agencies, and the Civil Peace Service.