Children in a school class in Mozambique

Priority area Basic and vocational education Training teachers, building classrooms

Education is vital in enabling people to improve their own economic prospects. Yet Mozambique – a country in which 45 per cent of the population are below the age of 15 – lacks sufficient schools and teaching materials.

There are 55 primary school children for every one teacher. Most teachers themselves do not have adequate training, are paid too little and live and work in difficult conditions. As a result, less than half of all children complete primary school. Similar problems plague the vocational training sector.

What Germany is doing

The BMZ is supporting the government of Mozambique in implementing its Education Strategic Plan. Germany is working closely with other international donors to fund, for example, the building of classrooms and improvements to teacher training.

Germany is also supporting Mozambique in its efforts to reform the vocational education sector to better meet the needs of the labour market. The emphasis is on better equipping schools, providing better initial and in-service training to teachers at vocational schools, making training more hands-on and introducing training courses in the metalworking and electrical sectors.

What has been achieved so far

Development cooperation in the education sector has already produced results:

  • school enrolment has almost doubled since 2000 and is now 90 per cent;
  • ninety per cent of Mozambique's 100,000 primary school teachers have now received training (in 2005, only 40 per cent were trained);
  • an annual 1,800 young people are attending vocational training schools, 33 per cent of them girls;
  • approximately 180 teacher trainers are trained each year, which indirectly benefits around 2,000 prospective teachers;
  • Germany has joined forces with other donors to fund the building of more than 5,500 schools.
Training as carpenter at the vocational school "Young Africa" in Beira, Mozambique

Training as carpenter at the vocational school “Young Africa” in Beira, Mozambique

Training as carpenter at the vocational school Young Africa in Beira, Mozambique