Women are fetching water from a well in Morocco.

Priority area Water Drinking water, waste­water and resource management

Over the last few decades, German support has helped to significantly improve drinking water supplies for the Moroccan population. Today, a special focus of this development cooperation is on rural areas and small and medium-sized towns.

Managing wastewater and providing sanitation continues to be a challenge. Public sanitation systems are inadequate and are often in a very poor condition. Germany is therefore supporting the maintenance and repair of facilities for the collection, purification and recycling of wastewater, and the construction of new facilities.
Integrated water resources management

In order to protect Morocco's scarce water resources and avert conflicts between different users, the ambitious and much-needed government programmes to expand the industrial and agricultural sectors must be designed so as to be economically and environmentally sustainable.

German activities in the water sector are thus part of a wider integrated water resources management (IWRM) strategy, which seeks to reconcile environmental protection and climate action with the imperatives of economic development and the needs of local people. The focus of this German support is on introducing IWRM in the Tensift water catchment area in south-western Morocco.