Employee in a textile factory in Morocco, which offers a dual training system based on the German model

Priority area Sustainable economic development and employment More jobs for young people in rural areas

The focus of German-Moroccan cooperation in this priority area is on both the demand side and the supply side of the labour market. On the demand side, the emphasis is on vocational training, particularly for young people in rural areas. On the supply side, cooperation activities are mainly concerned with access to finance and with improving business services for MSMEs and for the self-employed.

In addition to that, in line with the aims of the G20 Compact with Africa initiative, the BMZ is helping to improve the wider external environment in terms of creating a better business and investment climate for private companies. These efforts include a focus on addressing the various components of the World Bank's doing business indicators. To complement these activities, concrete obstacles to investment are being reduced via the BMZ's Special Initiative on Training and Job Creation, in order to facilitate more private investment and employment.