Cooperation with countries in Africa Reform partnerships

Reform partnerships are a key feature of the Marshall Plan with Africa. They represent the new model of partnership-based cooperation. These new partnerships are based on mutual obligations and greater ownership by our African partners, so that agreed goals can be reached.

Vocational school in Ghana

Vocational school in Ghana

Vocational school in Ghana

Within the context of the G20Partnership with Africa, which was initiated under the German G20 presidency, the reform partnerships are Germany's bilateral contribution to the G20 “Compact with Africa” initiative.

Germany enters into reform partnerships with Compact countries which show particular willingness to implement reforms and undertake their own efforts, and supports these countries in their efforts to improve governance and the macro-conditions for private enterprise.

Accordingly, Germany engages in close dialogue with each partner country in order to develop a tailored partnership which will support the partner country's efforts to reach the specific goals it has set itself for a key sector. The partnership includes a detailed reform agenda, covering both the reform commitments of the partner country and the instruments being offered by the BMZ to support the partner country's reform and good governance efforts.

In order to lend support to reform-minded players in a given partner country, Germany makes its bilateral support and funding commitments contingent upon the partner country's actual progress in implementing agreed reforms. This means, for instance, that some financial contributions are not disbursed until after previously agreed reforms have been carried out successfully.

In 2017, the BMZ established the first three reform partnerships – with Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana in the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency, and with Tunisia in the banking and finance sector.

In 2017 and 2018 alone, the BMZ committed funding of up to 800 million euros for the activities agreed under these three reform partnerships. When added to its other bilateral commitments, this brings the total support provided by the BMZ in that two-year period to more than 1.4 billion euros.

In November 2019, the BMZ concluded reform partnerships with Ethiopia, Morocco and Senegal.