Cielo Gomez, eine Kaffeebäuerin El Tablón de Gómez, im Südosten des Nariño-Territoriums in Kolumbien. Ihre Familie hat im Rahmen des Friedensprozesses Land, das illegal besetzt war, wieder zurückerhalten. Durch ein UN-Women-Projekt hat sie erreicht, dass ein Teil des Landes auf ihren Namen eingetragen ist. Gemeinsam mit anderen Kaffeebäuerinnen in der Region kann sie sich jetzt eine wirtschaftlich stabilere Zukunft aufbauen.

Priority area Peacebuilding Filling the peace deal with life

In order to support peacebuilding in Colombia, Germany assists government institutions and civil society organisations in jointly addressing the past conflict and developing models for the prevention of violence.

These activities address the following aspects among others:

  • Addressing the conflict through criminal justice and supporting the judiciary and the truth commission
  • Search for missing persons
  • Inclusion of peacebuilding in regional and local development plans
  • Compensation for victims and restitution of land or redistribution of land to displaced persons
  • Development of public infrastructure and a nationwide land register
  • Sport for Development: training of (male and female) football coaches who are able to help children and youth build social skills and to familiarise them with peaceful forms of conflict resolution
  • Urban development in Bogotá: sustainable urban mobility
  • Support for the peace mission of the Organization of American States

Support is also provided, through an EU peace fund, to projects for the practical implementation of the 2016 peace deal.

The governments of Germany and Colombia reached an agreement that German loans in the area of peacebuilding would only be disbursed if the Colombian peace institutions are able to work unimpeded.