Football stadium in Salvador da Bahia equipped with solar panels

Core area "Renewable energy and energy efficiency" Generating electricity from the wind and the sun

Germany is assisting Brazil in decentralising its energy supply and expanding the share of electricity from wind and solar power in its energy mix.

The Energy Ministry and other relevant authorities and agencies are being advised on how to put in place the structures necessary for making use of renewables. Activities that have been carried out include the development of a tariff scheme that allows decentralised energy generating facilities to be linked up to the grid in an uncomplicated process. On the technical side, the focus for the near future will be on the digital transformation of the energy system; the use of digital technologies is a great opportunity for integrating renewable energies into the Brazilian electricity market.

Wind turbines in Rio do Fogo, Brazil

Wind turbines in Rio do Fogo, Brazil

Wind turbines in Rio do Fogo, Brazil

Energy efficiency

Improving energy efficiency is another goal of the Brazilian government. One area of German engagement is supporting public and private sector efforts to make use of energy saving potential in the context of urban development, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The focus here is on social housing, urban mobility, and water supply and sanitation.


The majority of Brazilian energy is currently being supplied by large-scale hydroelectric power plants. Compared to other emerging economies, Brazil therefore has a good climate footprint in the energy sector. However, in the past there have been repeated electricity outages during dry periods and at times of increased energy demand. There is also growing resistance to the building of new large-scale hydroelectric power plants due to the negative consequences for the environment and the local population.

Despite good conditions in terms of climate and geography, solar energy and wind energy are not yet widely used in Brazil. In view of Brazil’s projected economic and population growth, the Brazilian government is very interested in establishing a broader, economically and environmentally sustainable foundation for the country’s energy supply.