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Small-scale Mining

Concepts and Strategies for the Designation and Management of ASM zones

28.03.2017 |

In numerous developing countries, artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) generates considerable economic and social benefit from the mine through to the export of the products. At the same time, however, ASM is often accompanied by damage to the environment, large numbers of accidents, risks to health and human rights violations. Against this situation, the way that governments deal with ASM is often reactive.

However, for governments there is a range of realistic options for proactive actions that can reduce the risks associated with ASM, focusing on the formalization of ASM.

One of the options to assist the formalization of ASM is to allocate land with mineral potential, the so called “ASM zones” to the ASM sector. Based on experience gained in selected countries, the BGR developed procedures that enable such small-scale mining zones to be designated and managed. The aim is to give state institutions in partner countries appropriate instruments to improve planning and regulation of ASM.

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