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Mining Investment and Governance Review (MInGov)

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The Extractives and Development programme is a co-funder and co-developer of the World Bank Group lead pilot project, the Mining Investment and Governance Review (MInGov Review).

The MInGov Review performs analyses on a country-by-country level, assessing the country's mining governance structure and the investment attractiveness of the mining sector. The analysis covers the entire mining value chain: from the early licensing/exploration phase to, ultimately, the sustainable development of the country.

The MInGov seeks to maximise sector benefits for all stakeholders: it aims to support governments in their sector reforms and investors in their decision making on planning and implementing mining projects. It increases mining sector transparency for civil society by providing information on governance strengths and weaknesses.

The review can be applied to any country, across regions and over time. While initially focusing on Sub-Sahara Africa, it will eventually be expanded to other regions and aims to reach a global coverage.

The outcome of the MInGov process is better informed stakeholders throughout the mining value chain, and greater and more sustainable benefits from the sector.

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