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Containers at a mine in Zimbabwe

Beneficiation in mining has become one of the leading goals in economic development strategies of many African countries. First and foremost the Africa Mining Vision but also Southern African Development Communities (SADC’s) regional strategy and national frameworks across the continent define mining as a driver for economic development.

With South Africa being an exception, these strategies have not been successful up to the present point. Mining, and particularly mining procurement, continues to run in parallel to the domestic economies in Africa, drawing most of its inputs from sources outside the continent. Nevertheless, mining holds profound potential as a catalyst for local economic linkages leading to employment, vocational education and an economic perspective beyond mining.

Enterprise around Mining (EAM) is a support facility for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) supplying the mining industry. It addresses some of the unique challenges that SMEs in the mining business face through the provision of high quality market information. EAM offers insights looking at the market size for particular products, the analysis of trends, new projects and potential local business partners. It focuses on investors that, regardless of their origin, have an interest in realising business opportunities in Africa through the creation of new facilities or cooperation with already existing companies on the ground. Accounting for the limited size of most domestic African markets, EAM follows a cluster approach that assesses business opportunities on a regional level.

EAM is currently under development and is expected to begin a pilot phase in Southern Africa in mid-2016.

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