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Evaluation reports present the key results of an evaluation in written form. They are intended for use by:

  • the stakeholders of an evaluation, in particular decision-makers, including those from BMZ, the development partners, and the German development cooperation agencies concerned;
  • interested members of the public.

The executive summaries available on this website. Full reports are available upon request though usually in German except for international joint evaluations ( The evaluation reports supply information on the strengths and weaknesses of the development interventions supported by BMZ. Furthermore, they provide decision-oriented recommendations and are thus an essential input for management deciding how to proceed in future.

BMZ evaluations are managed by an independent unit focussing on cross-cutting issues. These strategic evaluations serve the purpose of further developing or improving instruments, policies, and geographical and thematic strategies or programmes. Evaluations of an adequate sample of projects have been delegated to development cooperation agencies under their own responsibility. The quality, independence and utility of these evaluations are reviewed periodically.

In joint evaluations, BMZ cooperates with different partners in order to jointly assess specific aspects of development cooperation. Usually, BMZ's partners are other donors but also the governments of BMZ's partner countries are becoming increasingly involved. The degree of participation of BMZ varies: Sometimes it has a leading role (either alone or as member of the management group), in other cases other donors or partner countries have the lead with BMZ participating in the steering group.

BMZ evaluation reports in German can be found at Evaluierungsberichte.

Cover: "Social Capacity Building" in Non-Governmental Development Cooperation

12/2011 | pdf | 386 KB | 10 P. | An accessible version of the report is available on request.
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Cover: The "weltwärts" Development Volunteers Service

12/2011 | pdf | 335 KB | 13 P. | An accessible version of the report is available on request.
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Cover: InWEnt's International Leadership Training

10/2010 | pdf | 153 KB | 9 P. | accessible
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Cover: The German Civil Peace Service

10/2010 | pdf | 347 KB | 12 P. | An accessible version of the report is available on request.
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Evaluation Reports 044: Evaluation in German Development Cooperation

07/2009 | pdf | 258 KB | 20 P. | accessible
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German Humanitarian Aid Abroad

12/2011 | pdf | 345 KB | 15 P.
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The risk of vanishing effects

11/2011 | pdf | 3 MB | 200 P.
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Le risque d’effets éphémères

11/2011 | pdf | 3 MB | 218 P.
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The Evaluation of the  Paris Declaration
05/2011 | pdf | 2.4 MB | 256 P.
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Aiding the Peace

12/2010 | pdf | 8.2 MB | 266 P.
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